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Where to buy projector in Singapore?

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Projectors have been around for decades, with many of us remembering how we used to help our teachers to manually operate and shift the projectors during our younger days for class presentations and hall assembly events. With advanced and smart technology in today’s age, projectors have progressed and evolved into these modern portable/pocket-friendly devices that many use for entertainment, education, business, and the creative industry. 

With our guide today, we will show you where you can purchase your first projector in Singapore and what to look out for that will suit your needs. 

Projectors selection - things you need to know beforehand

Needs: There are many types of projectors to suit different needs. Do you need a bigger screen for gaming? Do you want to build a home theatre? Do you need it for business presentations? Do you need it for designing murals on a big space? Or do you need a hybrid projector for a combination of work and light gaming needs? 

Identify what you need the projector for before starting your browsing and window shopping. You might get overwhelmed with the wide variety to choose from if you do not have a clear mind on what you want. 

Budget: How much you are willing to spend on your first projector will help you narrow down where to find the projects and start browsing from there. There are cheap projectors as low as $100+, and expensive as $2,000+. Set the budget you are comfortable on spending and continue from there. 

Size: Projectors come in different sizes, from big ones that can be mounted to the ceiling, to medium-sized ones that you can pack in your bag, and even smaller ones that you can slip into your pocket. With your needs kept in mind, consider whether you need to bring the projector around or not.

If you only need the projector only at home, consider the amount of space you have. Does your space have the capability of setting up a big projector, or you prefer a smaller one that is easier to keep and store away when not in use. If you need it on the go, you should look at the smaller projectors range and consider which one can fulfil your needs.

Where to buy the projector in Singapore

Traditionally, projectors were only sold in retail stores, especially during IT conventions. Now, they are available anywhere online, from marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada and Amazon, to online shops set up by big brands and other brands who specialize in projectors. 

In fact, we are selling different kinds of portable projectors here if you are looking for a portable option.

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Projector specs - what to look for

Remember to keep a lookout for these specifications when considering which projector to purchase. 

Brightness and clarity: Remember to test-run a few projectors that fulfils your needs before deciding on which one to purchase. Often, specifications can only do so much on giving you the basic information of the product. Experiencing the projector yourself is important, make sure your eyes are comfortable with the visuals. For example, if you are using the projector to present designs and graphics, you want to ensure that the projected image is able to portray the vibrancy of the intended colours and able to show the fine details (e.g., texture and smaller objects in the design). 

Resolution: If you are big on watching movies or gaming, the higher the resolution, the better it is for you to stream and enjoy a smoother gameplay. But, the quality of the image you see on the projector, also largely depends on the resolution of the device connected to it if you are streaming from an external device. 

Connection ports: Being able to connect directly to the projector without adaptors is a big plus, so there are also lesser accessories to bring around if you are using the projector on the go. The usual ports you should keep in mind are the HDMI, USB, MicroSD, AV, and AUX. 

Bonus specifications you can keep in mind are the built-in speakers, bluetooth connectivity, and its battery life. 

With more than 15 years of professional experience in the projector industry, INNOVATIVE has been one of the pioneers in providing premium portable projectors to customers in Singapore and from all around the world. Browse our collection of projectors or feel free to call and talk with our projector experts if you are unsure which one will suit all your needs at 65-6333-5598